Our Story

We are a conference known for our friendly and relaxed environment, humor, special themes, and opportunities for evaluators, counselors, and various rehabilitation professionals to get together and exchange ideas.


Our Start

The North Carolina Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association Conference came into being in 1979 as a way for vocational evaluators across the state to get together, share information, and increase their knowledge and skills in the art and science of vocational evaluation and work adjustment.

Our Growth

The conference soon grew to attract vocational professionals from various sectors: public, private, and even health. Evaluation/adjustment professionals and students from all over the country have also attended our events.


The Semi-Annual Conference has been held in different parts of North Carolina, including Kill Devil Hills, Boone, Raleigh and Cullowhee. Fifteen years ago, it finally settled into its present location, beautiful Pine Knoll Shores. 

The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores (formerly the Clamdigger Inn) has been renovated and offers a view of the ocean from every room. It’s a setting that calms the soul as well as one that nourishes the mind. 

About The Conference

This conference meets twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, and hosts a number of various speakers. It also offers pre-approved CVE, PVE, and CRC credits for continuing education. Earning 10 credits each conference, one would be able to earn all the credits required for a CRC recertification in five years, attending this conference alone.